The End Of Glamour

Wholesale Portland open wi-fi helped me stay on top of things and with Charlotte in charge everything works more smoothly when I’m a couple of time zones away anyway; unable to stick my oar in.

Credit is due on the home front. On 9th September, whilst we were sleeping, Ana and Liz were constructing Fruit and Veg Cities with Kids at Artsfest alongside Ed and Kier who were supervising Take It! the self-portrait project. Meanwhile, in Norfolk Graeme was leading a kind of Stan Next Generation knocking out Of All The People In All The World: UK.

Feet back on the ground. Jetlag rendered meaningless by Childlag. Tuesday and Wednesday were office catch-up. Thursday was spent in Frankley helping Graeme and the High School kids shape their Rice Show. On Friday, before performing the show, those kids who are joining us in Leipzig met the Lord Mayor and we all had our photographs taken; a brazen attempt to get a picture in the Local Paper. That evening, later than hoped, Graeme and heft 1,000kg of rice into a transit van and drive it across town. With the Goods Lift out of action we park-up miles off and start the long office haul. Glamour, such as it was, stops here.


2 thoughts on “The End Of Glamour

  1. Come the revolution, though, you won’t be against the wall with all those lilly-handed fops who’ve never carried anything heavier than bad notices.

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