After an heroic tour of duty, including 49 performances, the Constance Brown team has finally been granted home leave. The set and props have been sent for some R&R deep in the Warwickshire countryside. Whilst it’s unclear who the cast will be mixing with between now and late August when they are mustered in Edinburgh, in storage the set is rubbing up against a set of quasi-illustrious neighbours: staging from Play Without Words, empty flight cases from Monkey Opera, a vast mess of metal that was once part of Les Miserables and boxes of 3D glasses from Starlight Express. These glasses have provoking my first desire to see that show – what must a show be like that’s so flat you need special glasses to give it depth?

When we made Memoires of an Amnesiac our set was recycled from a TV show and thus more famous than we were, now we are going to have a set better connected than we are.


One thought on “Storage

  1. The set will sure tell some good stories with such good connections!
    at least he won’t need any ego boost =)

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