Falling Behind The Rice Race

Eventually the venue has been more or less cleared of stuff. Finally we got to demolish a set of offices and open up the space. The floor has been cleaned, some areas have come up better than others. Everyone who looks around for the first time really likes what they find, now we’ve just got to fill it with rice and hope they like it more.

The rice has been arriving, 26 tonnes per load, one load per day. We’ve Staggered the arrival of this staggering amount of rice so we can deal with it. Normal procedure is to start by building the biggest piles first and then work down to the smallest piles. This time my plan was to focus on small areas and work them up to ‘concert pitch’ whilst big piles are still being installed elsewhere; the theory being we will then have sections we can show journalists and other visitors that show the piece operating at full strength. We missed our first deadline, Terry Grimley from Birmingham Post visiting at 11am today. There are various excuses for this but none of them feel good enough.

Craig was out and about with Hannah and Robin installing vitrines at key points in town to publicise the show. Graeme has been leading a team building the mountainous pile that will be the world’s largest statistic. I have been interspersing bouts of fretful plotting with burst of building and production/promotion logistics.

The next deadline and one we can’t afford to miss, is having things looking good for a press photo-call timed to coincide with the last lorry’s arrival on Thursday.


One thought on “Falling Behind The Rice Race

  1. Was at the space yesterday – the team are already doing great work. Excitement is the overriding feeling and lots of it.

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