Our Mission & Beliefs

Legally Stan’s Cafe is a charity established with a mission to:
“advance the arts for the public benefit by the promotion in particular, but not exclusively, of the art of drama, through live performance, in the electronic media, through film, publication and installation works”.

Put more susinctly our mission is to be the best theatre company in the world.

We want to achieve this by working collaboratively. By being brave and ambitous, playful and fun, thoughtful and serious, always open to new interpretations of what being ‘the best theatre company in the world’ might mean.

We believe that to achieve our mission we need to engage with partners who bring to Stan’s Cafe a wide range of skills and experiences. Mixing long term relationships with fresh input and ideas – treating everyone, including audiences, with full respect and consideration.

We believe in generosity of spirit and hard work. We believe in honesty and transparency. We believe our actions always speak louder than our words. We believe in the power of theatre to make the world a better place.