Amanda Hadingue

(deviser / performer)
Gained a first class theatre degree at Lancaster University in 1988. Amanda has been a key member of Stan’s Cafe, helping to shape the company and its work since 1993. She has worked as a performer and deviser with many of Britain’s most respected experimental theatre companies including: IOU Theatre, The People Show, Station House Opera, Scarlet Theatre, Pete Brooks’s Insomniac Productions, Gary Stephens, Graeme Miller and David Gale. In recent years her work with The Globe, Complicite, The National Theatre and RSC has reduced her appearances for Stan’s Cafe.
Selected Stan Work: Canute the King, Bingo In The House Of Babel, Voodoo City, Simple Maths, It’s Your Film, Good and True, Lurid and Insane, Space Station, Framed, Of All The People In All The World, Be Proud Of Me, Home Of The Wriggler, Tuning Out With Radio Z, I See With My Eyes Closed.