As you can see from this website Stan‘s Cafe has been making and touring unusual theatre since 1991. We are proud that our work, created in Birmingham, is seen around the world. We work extensively with young people, particularly focusing on helping schools in economically deprived areas. We also use our privilages to help other artists build their carears and make the art they want to make.

From our HQ in an old Edwardian school building we do things differently:

  • Convert population statistics into rice to tell amazing stories of human endavour and error.
  • Commission writers, textile artists and actors to tell stories of the world’s rivers.f
  • Stage twin annual Shakespeare productions with 240 more or less enthusiastic 12 – 13 year olds.
  • Create 10 versions of a show about weightlifting with 150 enthusiastic 8 – 11 year olds.

With your help we can do More of the Different:

  • Create unusual new theatre shows – next up dramatizing Local Authority Budgets around the country.
  • Engage, train and support local talent – adding assistant directors and apprentice Creative Learning artists to our programmes.
  • Provide more outstanding opportunities for young people in Birmingham to engage with the arts.

Our success thus far has been built on the support of friends who have advocated for us, booked our wildest shows, advised us, put us up in spare rooms and brought their friends to see our work. In return for this friendship we have tried to provide a series of exciting, life enhancing experiences.