Equation Decoration

Secondary School  

Washwood Heath Academy, Birmingham
Installed 10 & 13 November, 2017

The staff at Washwood Heath Academy are familiar with our vinyl work down the road at Saltley Academy and so asked us to put the 20 key GCSE physics equations on their walls. We were familiar with their very long blank science corridor and suggested we go a bit beyond our brief and make the equations decorative so they would make the corridor look more fun as well as turning it into a teaching aid.

With some input from students we sketched out some ideas for illustrating the equations which would make them more engaging to have on the wall and more memorable when trying to recall them in an exam room. We sent these sketches along with the equations over to our collaborator Simon Ford and the rest is history.


Design concepts: Students and James Yarker
Design: Simon Ford
Cutting and Collation: Craig Stephens
Installation: Lucy Bird, Kerry Murdock, Anthony Ruck, Denise Stanton, Craig Stephens, James Yarker
Thanks to: Ms. Yaqub