Stan‘s Cafe has been making and touring out of the ordinary theatre since 1991. Our work is created in Birmingham and seen around the world. We work extensively with young people, particularly focusing on helping schools in economically deprived areas. We share our space, time, experience, equipment and connections to help other artists build their careers and make the art they want to make.

From the start our success has been built on the support of friends who have advised and advocated for us, put us up in spare rooms and brought along people to see our shows. In return for this friendship we have worked hard to supply as steady series of exciting, thought provoking, life enhancing theatrical experiences.

Each year the Arts Council England supports us with approximately a third of our overall income and we earn a varying proportion through tickets and workshops.  However, much of our theatre work is free or heavily subsidised, touring to community venues and non-traditional theatre sites to make it as accessible as possible – that’s incredibly important to us. To support that the rest is made up from charitable trusts, foundations and donations from our kind Scheming Friends. 

We don’t have a Friends Scheme – no inspiringly named tiers of giving with finely differentiated rewards. We just have Scheming Friends who donate whatever they choose to help us do More of the Different.

We would be delighted if you would like to join their number – buttons to click are on this page. Your rewards as rewards for friendship do in life – sporadically, impulsively and on special occasions