Stan’s Cafe is a theatre company. We make our work collaboratively, following exciting ideas wherever they take us, sometimes into theatres, but often not.

We love working in schools with students and teachers. Often we help out other people because we love seeing other people make great art.

We started in 1991 and we are more excited than ever before.

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Publicity image for Precious Emily show with cardboard cutouts of Precious McKenzie & Emily Campblell and live performer

Precious Emily – Family Show

(15, 16, 17 September – mac, Birmingham)

The Commonwealth Games may be over but we are keeping the excitement going with our new theatre show for everyone aged 9+. Precious Emily tells the stories of two inspirational weightlifters:

Precious McKenzie (4’10”) the legendary four times Commonwealth Games gold medal winner, whose incredible tale includes an escape from apartheid in South Africa, his father being killed by a crocodile and an attempt to join the circus.

Emily Campbell (5’11”) the charismatic and trailblazing Olympic Games silver medal winner whose uplifting adventure includes carnival, school sports day, a gold shirt, difficult decisions and lots of hard work.

This beautiful, witty show is also about all the lessons weightlifting can teach us, even when the heavy things we have to lift are only in our minds.

This is a bi-lingual show, performed in English & BSL.

  • A Beautiful City
    How an obscure Stan’s Cafe project made in 2011 anticipated the glory of the Commonwealth Games coming to town.
  • A Happy D(el)ay
    Finally the floor gave way. After days of very strong people dropping very heavy weights onto it from above head height the floor quit.
  • Precious Emily Gala Performance
    This week 60 students from 10 schools gather for one day at MAC to stage the Gala performance of Precious Emily. This performance will be combining scenes from the 10 […]


The Commentators
3 & 4 September
Moseley Folk and Arts Festival

Precious Emily – family show
13:00 15 September
13:00 & 19:00 16 September
14:30 17 September
MAC, Birmingham

Of All The People In All The World
Dates in October and November
To Be Announced

River Tours
15 October, Venue & River TBA