Stan’s Cafe is a theatre company (and charity). We make our work collaboratively, following exciting ideas wherever they take us, sometimes into theatres.

We love working in schools with students and teachers. Often we help out other people because we love seeing other people make great art.

We started in 1991 and we are more excited than ever before.

Please have fun zipping around our website.

River Tours

Guided tours of rivers, performed live, indoors or out, illustrated by especially commissioned textile ribbon maps. The library is growing and our latest map and performance ‘The River Severn’ is touring this summer. We’d love you to join us on a journey down this, the longest river in the UK, a river flowing with stories of nature, history and legend. No boat needed.


Number 11: Know Your Place
18th July – ‘Early Autumn’
Library Opening Hours
Ground Floor Foyer
Library of Birmingham

River Tours: The Severn
Saturday 13 July
Queenswood Country Park, Dinmore Hill, Leominster
1pm and 3pm

Wednesday 24 July
Tewkesbury Abbey Gardens
(part of Tewkesbury Goes Wild)
2.30pm and 6pm

Saturday 27 July
Worcester Fringe Festival
Swan Theatre, 1.45 pm

Saturday 31st August
Powis Castle and Gardens
11 am and 2 pm

Friday 27th September
Number 8 Arts, Pershore

Composer In Residence Concert
30 August, 2024
11:00 – 13:00 ‘The Minutes’
14:00 – 15:30 ‘Stan’s Scrap 3’
Our Facility, Umberslade Road
Free Tickets

Of All The People In All The World
18 September – 6 October
ArtHouse Jersey

23 – 27 October
Charlston Gaillard Center, South Carolina

 A person is dressed in a teddy bear costume sitting behind a desk. They are holding an old fashioned phone to their bear head ear. They are a football mascot and so on top of the bear costume they are wearing a red and white striped football shirt

All Our Money

It’s Bordesley’s first day at work as leader of Birmingham City Council. It would be a tough job for anyone, but he is a football mascot and his first job is to set the city’s £3bn pound city budget. We join Bordesley on his steep learning curve as he discovers, with the help of 6,000 gold dominoes where all our money comes from and where it all goes.