All Our Money

Each year Birmingham City Council spends more than £3,000,000,000 pounds. Where does all this money come from and where does it all go? Who decides and and how do they decide?

Using thousands of gold painted dominoes All Our Money explains everything in a fast paced, clear and very funny theatre show.

Designed to be performed without any fuss in community centres, social clubs, libraries, schools, pubs or even theatres this show will change the way you think about how local democracy works and is short enough to be followed by a discussion, debate or workshop.

The initial version of All Our Money depicts Birmingham City Council’s budget but the show is easily adapted for other local authorities.

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Micro-production devised and performed by Aaron Corbett, Will Jackson, Lisa McKinley, Katie Utting & Elexi Walker with direction from Owen Harper and James Yarker and Stage Management by Emily Davies.

Research for 2023 version by Charlotte Tomlinson supported by University of Birmingham City-REDI unit.

Tour Dates

  • Available from 2023