Canute The King, Still, I See With My Eyes Closed, The Voyage: Scripts


Gathered in this volume are texts of four performances made by Stan’s Cafe in close collaboration with composers.

Canute The King originally made with Richard Chew for a Victorian swimming bath, featuring two opera singers and live harmonica player. This script is for the touring stage version.

Still is a twenty minute opera made also with Richard Chew, inspired by three preserved bodies found in the permafrost of North East Canada. It is about these three sailors from Franklin’s failed expedition to discover a North West Passage and the scientists that discovered them.

I See With My Eyes Closed is a playful journey inside the minds of audience and players at a classical music concert. Made with Michael Wolters for Birmingham Contemporary Music Group.

The Voyage is a twenty minute long opera, also made with Michael Wolters, which follows a young athlete to the Olympic Games with the hopes of a nation on her/his shoulders.