Micro Production #4: Do You Read Me?

Studio Theatre  

Performance Dates

  • 16 September, 2023
    14:00 & 16:00

In inner-space everyday life is science fiction
we are astronauts floating across the living room
a mug of tea touches down
sometimes we talk – over

After five days playing with a mascot costume, radio microphones, effects and a team of Wolverhampton based talent, Stan’s Cafe present Do You Read Me? a short, probably funny theatre show about scale and this place as an alien world.

Our micro-production series is intended as a way of us playfully exporing new ideas, whilst meeting, working with and developing new talent and/or artists inexperienced in devising.

During November 2021 we created three micro-productions in the month of November. Precious Emily and All Our Money went on to become full productions and we continue to work with a number of those artists.


Devised and performed by
Sophia Barnett, Joe Springhall, Craig Stephens and Imogen Wood

With direction from
James Yarker with Lori Hopkins

and soundscape by
Meesha Fones with James McIlrwath

General Manager – Michelle Smith
Produced by – Nick Sweeting
With – Lucy Bird

Photographs – Graeme Braidwood

Special Thanks to
Neil Reading and his team at The Arena Theatre

Closing Text

They’re travelling away from us now
Our gravity’s pull loosening by the inverse square
Messages take longer to reach us
Their energy comes from other sources
Our ability to perform maintenance dwindles
They’re beyond the heliosheath
Holding a pulsar map

They carry music in their heads
A tissue
A phone
A toothbrush
Instructions, Ingenuity, and us

Do you read me?
Do you read me?
Do you read me?