Billesley Primary School - Summary 2016-17


2017 marked the school’s 90th Birthday. It also saw the end of some major building work as the school’s growing success has resulted in it expanding to accept a three form entry in addition to its Resource Hub. With three classes in each year group we had to adjust our approach projects in the school.

Ancient ChinaYear 4 study the culture and inventions of Ancient China and in order to help this, develop literacy and performance skills we worked with them to create a series of radio dramas. Each radio drama was inspired by an archaeological object from the Shang Dynasty. The students created the soundtrack with Joanna Karselis and made a giant kite and model village with Johnny O’Hanlon.

You can listen to the finished radio pieces HERE

90th Birthday
Artists: Peter Maxwell Dixon, Graeme Rose and Craig Stephens with Miss Randall.

90th Birthday Celebrations
After first coming to the school Sports Day in 2013, this year The Commentators returned to Billesley School in order to allow listeners at home to share the excitement of the schools’ great celebratory event. They were helped by junior comentators who also learned about the history of their school by interviewing a number of the visitors who attended the celebrations through the day.

You can listen to the commentary and interviews from the day HERE

The Amazing Adventures of You
Students from Year 6: Mr. Tyler, Craig Stephens and Kerry Murdock.

Ancient China
Artists: Joanna Karselis, Johnny O’Hanlon and Craig Stephens.

You can listen to some moon inspired poetry from Year Two HERE