Birches Green Superheros


Staff in the Nursery Class at Birches Green Infant School were keen to create a resource they could use to encourage pro-social behaviour in the classroom. As a result a series of Superheros were invented whose personal the children could be encouraged to adopt.

Super Ruby and Super George were kind and caring. A magic bracelet helped them tell when a child needed a friend and they would rush to the scene to comfort and encourage.

Super Sensible Sid, could be phoned at moments of crisis and would zoom in various lego super-craft to spread calm and good sense.

Super Shiny Clean Kit was fantastically efficient at tidying up.

The children helped create the characters, decide the scenarios they could help in. They acted roles in the dramas for videoing or photographing. They painted pictures and made lego models which they then animated. Finally, they provided voices and narration for the adventures.

The resulting film is extremely engaging, both hilarious and, because it is made by and with four year olds, strangely moving.


Actors, sculptors, artists and animators: Nursery Students at Birches Green Infant School
Direction: Craig Stephens and James Yarker

Tour Dates

  • July 2008
    Birches Green Infant School Birmingham