Site Specific  
A death is greated with horror by the public

Tour Dates

  • November 2002:
    Clocktower, Croydon

Framed was commissioned by Croydon Clocktower for November 2002. The idea was to reimagine the Clocktower as a series of film sets and to use its visitors as extras, body doubles, runners and make up artists. During a two week period we became a film crew and shot in various locations around the building and at the end produced a 15 minute black and white silent film classic called Framed.

On the last night, after some frantic last minute editing, and arrivals in stretch limousines, the film was premiered at the end of a showing of short films. Towards the end of the night the fiction of the film collided with the reality of the evening’s events and the audience were ushered outside to witness the shooting of the final spectacular scene of the film, in which the Clocktower went up in flames and smoke.

Framed tells the story of Dr Krank and his incredible rejuvenating face cream, made by draining the youth from small children. After the accidental death of a child during one of his cream creation sessions Krank resolves to stop manufacture. He meets his most powerful client the 100 year old Lavinia to tell her that the great adventure is over. She is furious and storms out of the cafe causing the waitress to spill tea over Krank. This marks the start of a beautiful romance and the innocent Betty persuades Krank to destroy his equipment and start a new life with her. Lavinia, however, has other ideas and steals Krank’s equipmentand has him shot. He survives but is sent to prison. With help from Betty he manages to escape and she breaks into Lavinia’s house to destroy the equipmentand retrieve Krank’s precious formula book. The film ends with Lavinia perishing as flames engulf her house while Krank destroys the formula so that he and Betty can happily grow old together.


Dr. Krank: Graeme Rose
Lavinia: Bernadette Russell
Betty: Heather Burton
Muscle: Dan Skinner
Director: Amanda Hadingue
Camera Operator: James Yarker
Lighting: Craig Stephens
Sound: Sarah Archdeacon

Director: James Yarker
Editor: Joseph Potts
Music: Giles Perrin
Props: Lottie Leedham