Provocations #1


4th February, 2014
The British Library Conference Centre

The Warwick Commission into the Future of Cultural Value have commissioned Stan’s Cafe to be artists in residence. Artistic Director James Yarker is officially one of the commissioners, attendingCommissioners days in which evidence is received and questions asked around the commission’s question. Then, as Artists in Residence, the company is required to make an artwork to form part of each of the four public provocations that run alongside each of The Commissions’ four strands of enquiry. There is then to be a final, summative work to coincide with the report’s publication.


Devised by: Denise Stanton, Craig Stephens & James Yarker
Additional performance: Amelia & Poppy
Installation Help: Mark Crossley & Catriona Firth
General Manager: Charlotte MartinPhotography: Graeme Braidwood