Take It!


9 – 10 September, 2004 Birmingham
10 – 11 September, 2005 Birmingham
11 – 12 September, 2006 Birmingham

Inspired by Handsworth Self-Protrait we set up a photographic self-portrait it for a Stan’s Cafe Christmasparty in 2003. Having seen the results of that the team from Creative Partnerships Birmingham wereinspired to commission the same arrangment for Birmingham’s free arts festival ArtsFest in 2004. This was popular so itreturned for the following two years. In turn this presence at ArtsFest introdroduced us to Brian Homer, part of the origianal Handsworth Self-Portrait project team. We are now part of the looseassociation that forms the project Self-Portrait Birmingham.


Camera: Ed Dimsdale
Logistics 2004: Craig Stephens & James Yarker
Logistics 2005: Craig Stephens & James Yarker
Logistics 2006: Peter Fletcher
Commissioned By: Creative Partnerships