Deleted Scenes: Street Spy 2

Essay Deleted Scene  
Deleted Scenes - Street Spy 2: Image

This poem / spy challenge was written for a publication that asked for the ‘religious content’ to be taken out, we refused and they exercised their right not to publish it. It is therefore a deleted scene and available exclusively on this website.

Street Spy 2.

Today, on the streets of Birmingham test your observational skills. Don’t let any aspect of the city pass you by. Prove yourself a Street Spy. Read this list then go out hunting for everything on it. Tick off what you find then check your score to see what level of Street Spy you are.

Yellow paper bag 1
Floral print 1
Sunglasses as headband1

Special offer 1
Smiling face 1
Child with balloon 2

Three young women arm in arm3
Child on Dad’s shoulders 2
Two men holding hands 3

Man with beard 1
Man with beard but no moustache 5
Man with moustache but no beard 3
Clean shaven man 0

Odd socks 5
Tattooed neck 3
Sunburn 4
Numbers on pavement 5

Two people carrying one bag between them 5
One person carrying five bags 3
One person carrying more than five bags 4

High heals (running) 5
Suitcase (being pulled) 3

Shoelaces (that need tying) 5
Guitar (over shoulder) 7

Skateboard 3
Folding bike 5
Unicycle 30

Cobbled street 10
Snooker hall 10
Proofing house 30

Raindrops in puddles 5
Silver coin on the ground 10
Memorial 5
Flowers taped to a lamppost 10
Busker 5

Two magpies 10
A single police officer 10

Bus queue 3
Car you wish you drove 3
Car with top down 6
Kid with hood up 1


Red man 1
Shamrock 5
Giant green man 20

Someone drinking beer 5
People laughing 10
Discarded can 5
Your own discarded can -5
CCTV Camera 3

Broken Glass 2
Wires over head 3
Helicopter 10

Niqab 5
Belly button 5
Branded pants riding up above jeans 2
Crucifix 3
Evangelist 5
Neon 5

Rainbow 20
Pillar of Light 1000
Fight -50

Car crash -100
Volcano spewing fire 1000
Angelic Host singing 1000
Sheep 20
Goats 40
A familiar face in the crowd 10

Charred remains. 5
Somewhere something once was 5
Somewhere something will soon be 5

A dandelion 20

Earth 5

Your own hands out in front of you, empty hands, palms to the sky, relaxed, feeling the air while you slowly count to ten 20

The Earth 20

Birmingham, today, tonight, as it is 100

You are a Kerb Crawler, a low eye leveller. Lift it before you lose it.
100 – 1000
You are a City Dweller, a traffic dodger. Hunt smarter to shine brighter.
You are a true Street Spy, a poet of the pavement. Make something good happen.

James Yarker circa 2019