Home Of The Wriggler: Script


A lo-fi, sci-fi, docudrama…

Lo-fi – its lights are powered by the cast live on stage.

Sci-fi – it is set in a future when Rover, the Longbridge car plant and cars themselves have all become the subject of myth and speculation.

Docudrama – it is built on anecdotes, interviews, archive documents and personal experiences of people around cars; building them, selling them, driving them, growing-up and falling in love in them and with them.

Grounded in the specifics of Birmingham’s famous Longbridge car factory and its closure in 2005, Home of the Wriggler speaks more broadly about communities which centre around a large employer and what happens when this work dries up.

Devised in 2006, Home Of The Wriggler toured Britain before finally being exported to China. The play follows a team of four figures working a shift, their job is to collectively recall and enact the latest episode of a vast historical drama. This episode, features eighty seven characters whose entangled stories leap backwards and forwards through time. Its scenes are emotive, boiled down but full of detail, local colour and global significance, simultaneously tender and distant.

This volume contains the original script plus programme notes, credits, a ‘making of’ essay and production photographs.