The Just Price Of Flowers: Script


Mr. & Mrs. Van Leasing covet a tulip owned by their aristocratic neighbour Van Eek. Egged on by smooth talking banker Van Hire they soon get sucked into the idea that they can grow rich speculating on the rising value of tulips.

With the Dutch Tulipmania crisis of 1637 as its model and Bertolt Brecht as its inspiration, this playful allegory for the 2008 financial crisis is clearly and cleverly written.

This audience favourite is the Stan’s Cafe show most readily staged by other companies.

“Credit-default swaps and short selling have never been so wryly entertaining or easy to understand. [this] production never sells its audience’s intelligence short. It also has plenty of fun while never neglecting the tragedy of ordinary people whose savings and pensions are the casualties in the greedy rush for gain.”

Lyn Gardner – The Guardian