12 Grand In Used Fivers

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A strange team of prospective bank robbers rehearse their future crime in a warehouse stacked with bundles of newspaper and piles of fake money. They make unconvincing criminals being taken up as they are rather too much by received images of glamorous crime than any form of reality.

Made in collaboration with a relatively small cast of final year Theatre Studies students at The University of Warwick who where all familiar with contemporary theatre practice, 12 Grand in Used Fivers resembled a Stan’s Cafe touring show more than any of the four student shows made in the period January 1998 – May 1999.


Devised and Performed by

Nicola Conil
David Fairweather
Kirsty Hoiles
Chris Kelly
Montse Lopez Lombardo
Emmakate Macfarlane
Karen Moore
Karen Taylor

Directed by: James Yarker

Tour Dates

  • 1998
    Drama Studio, Warwick University