Fruit and Veg Cities

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Fruit and Veg City was originally made with Year 4 pupils at Forestdale School in the Frankly district of Birmingham. The project was partially inspired by seeing fruit vegetable animals being made at the Minerva Centre (a pupil referral unit) and partially through a long held obsession with dioramas. The project was designed to get pupils familiar and comfortable with a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables. It was also intended as an excuse for them to look at their built environment more carefully and become familiar with famous buildings from around the world.

Together we visited the Lickey Hills to see Birmingham from a distance. We then visited the City Centre to look at architecture close up and to visit the markets. After researching buildings and experimenting with various design and construction techniques we worked together producing twelve models. Some were based on famous buildings, or sky lines, others were more local views, further constructions were fantasies. Soundtracks were recorded to run alongside three of the models.

For the performance we set up a big stall in the Bullring Open Market, amongst the fruit and vegetable vendors. Here we showed the public what we had made.

Following the success of the project it was agreed that a book should be made to help others recreate the project. This book was co-created by the pupils and is available from the Stan’s Cafe shop.

Since this first project Fruit and Veg City has taken place in other schools in a variety of different formats and scales.


  • 17 May, 2006
    Forestdale School
    Bullring Markets, Birmingham

  • 20 & 21 November, 2007
    Chandos Primary School, Birmingham

  • Spring 2008
    Christchurch Primary School, Birmingham


Made by Year 4 Forestdale Primary School

For Stan’s Cafe:
Artists: Ana Rutter, Craig Stephens and James Yarker
Sound: Matt Beckett
Administration: Charlotte Martin
Additional Support: Karen Stafford and Graeme Rose
Photographs: Ed Dimsdale (mostly)
Book Design: Liz Price

For Forestdale School
Mr Watson, Mr Parslow and Mrs Evans.

Thanks to:
All the Staff at Forestdale School
The Staff at Creative Partnerships, Birmingham
Mark Chamberlain and all his colleagues at Birmingham’s Markets