When In The Future They Look Back On Us

A mother and daughter sat in front of a big bank of school lockers.

The first of the large scale devised shows with young people, this piece draws its title from an essay by Doris Lessing and was made with The Emmbrook School in Berkshire.

It’s fictional a-temporal setting calls to mind that for Bingo In The House of Babel. The philosophical questions about the debt generations owe to each other re-emerge in Home of the Wriggler. The ensemble choreography was later refined in the wordless production No Walls, Just Doors


Deep in a library of images five histories blend, fade and then blaze.
Brief snatches of reflection escape with future dreams.

What happens when recent history is rediscovered?
What have we lost and what have we learned?

When we look back we know what we see and feel able to judge.
Now we must stop and consider the future.

What will our descendants think of us when we are their history?

The Cast

Sarah Dixon, Katie Munro, Louise Schofield, Dorie Jackson, Clare Scobey, Claudia Connelly, Rachel Jackson, Laura Ashley, Andrea Lowe, Sarah Flewellen, Alastair Laing, Joshua Lambertus, Katie Whitehead, Tim Stevens, Ed Laschet, Sam Cousins, Kathryn Pearce, Vicky Carter, Becky Male, Sarah Scott, Nick Wright, Marianne James, Donna Hall, Polly Grant, Alan Rogers, Julie Bowring, Ravinder Batth, Claire Horsburgh, Shelley McGirr, Jane Flanders, Lindsay Reader, Katie Vokes, Richard Brockbank, Stephen Grainge, Douglas Hill, Alison Marsh, Joseph Murphy, Georgina Brand, Alex Hamilton, Lisa Hall, Paul Melton, Tracey Chapman, Sam Wilde.

Stage management
Nikki Kerridge, Hannah Barrett, Georgia Watson, Lisa Gibson, Esther Barrett, Sam Crowther

Lighting: Richard Male
Sound: James Yarker

Photo Credit: Karen Brown

Direction: Karen Brown, Graeme Rose and James Yarker

Tour Dates

  • 7 & 8 July, 1992
    The Emmbrook School, Wokingham