What Was Lost – And How To Find It.

Last night a Stan posse rocked up at The Jam House, just down the road from our office, to celebrate the launch of What Was Lost, a novel written by Stan friend Catherine O’Flynn.

Having read a early draft, it was no surprise when an agent signed her up or when Tindal Street Press said they wanted to make it their lead publication for 2007. The launch was a great feel-good affair with Catherine ending up sat at a table self-consciously signing copies for family, friends and a very good crowd of total strangers.

‘Get used to it Girl’ we thought, wishing her the best, knowing What Was Lost be a book people recommend to each other, as I am recommending it to you. It’s part of the 3 for 2 offer in some Waterstones, of course you can buy it from Amazon, or directly from the Tindal Street Press (follow the link for more).


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