Our Facilities

We currently have a home in an Edwardian school building. Negotiations are progressing on a lease that will help us improve the space and open it out for others to share.

Once we were in a shared house, then a bed-sit, then MAC rented us a room that was once a toilet (they deny this but we believe it to be true). [1991-1994-1997]

Then we were in a factory unit above metal bashers, looking out at the trainline in to New Street Station. When this building was demolished to make way for a library that was never built we moved into an office in The Jewelry Quarter. The blank corridor leading to our door inspired a show. [2001-2006]

We hired a huge factory space down the road from our officce for an installation. We fell in love with it and move all in. This space was used by us and others for a decade. It was the site of many unforgetable scenes. [2008-2013]

Photo: Alex Brenner

Halfway through that decade, when our huge space started running us rather than us running it we scaled back to a space that was merely large. We would have lived there forever but eventually the re-developers came knocking with their bulldozers, our landlords sold up and we were out. [2013-2019]

We took temporary shelter in a vacant office block in the city centre behind MacDonalds and a betting shop, beside the disabled parking bays where the drugs are dealt. When this space was sold on we moved on to where we are now, our school, a semi-secret venue waiting to become more public. [2020-2021]