Gerard Bell

(deviser / performer)
Gerard works in conventional and experimental performance in the UK and Europe. He has worked with Chris Goode, David Gale, Stacked Wonky, Improbable, and Athina Vahla; and, more briefly, Graeme Miller, Jonathan Burrows and Pina Bausch. Also with A2, dreamthinkspeak, Punchdrunk. He has been at The Sheffield Crucible, the National Theatre, National Theatre Wales and the Orange Tree. There are films and other works with film/installation makers and friends Lucy Cash, Magali Charrier, Shelly Love, and Adam Roberts. More recently he has taken, slowly and intermittently, to developing his own, or solo, work. He has been making a piece with Karen Christopher, of Goat Island, for her new company Haranczak/Navarre, and has just made a new piece,, for What Matters at the Siobhan Davies Studios.

Stan Work: The Cleansing of Constance Brown, The Cardinals, The Just Price of Flowers (revival), The Voyage, The Anatomy of Melancholy, Finger Trigger Bullet Gun, Of All The People In All The World (touring) and The Capital.