The Commentators, 24 Hour Scalextric and Tuning Out With Radio Z: Texts


In this volume are gathered histories, photographs, rules and insights into three projects by Stan’s Cafe, which are all centred on long form improvisation and internet radio.

The Commentators are two former sports commentators who must now take work wherever they can find it, in the non-sporting world. Here you can follow their adventures and extraordinary commentating challenges, while learning about the ideas behind the project and how it has evolved over eleven years.

24 Hour Scalextric was the “semi-legendary” event which gave birth to The Commentators. Here is the story behind that performance, how it happened and what it led to.

Tuning Out With Radio Z is a three hour long improvised theatre show which its audience, watching in the venue or listening at home, can help shape in real time. Here are documents addressing all aspects of the production, how it was conceived, how it was performed, how it evolved and how it was received.