Ocean Of Storms, So Bring Me Down and Space Station


Ocean Of Storms is an hour long theatre show inspired by the rich metaphoric potential of space travel.

From a collage of voices in the ether two stories emerge. A small girl is lost in the city and an astronaut is trapped in a damaged space ship. The stars must be realigned to bring them both back home.

This beautiful script slides a range of original texts across each other to create a powerful and playful world of domestic intimacy and touching distance.
Ocean Of Storms won a Barclays New Stages award, opened at MAC, Birmingham in June 1996, was performed upstairs at The Royal Court and undertook a national tour.

This space themed volume also includes:

So Bring Me Down – the script of a radio play broadcast in real time fragments on the experimental station NOW98. Here one of the key narrative strands of Ocean of Storms is explored in a different medium.

Space Station – archive documents covering the staging of a durational performance on the Midland Metro.