Circus Parade


Circus Parade was made with all the pupils of Holly Hill Infant School. A big tent was pitched in their playground where work took place. Each year group had a different style of costume, they came up with their own designs and did most of the making. The youngest students had big letters on their costumes. Another year devised a parade chant with actions to go with key words. The older pupils made and played their own musical instruments. Some pupils learnt to spin plates and other circus skills.

On 30th June the school gates opened and through a corridor of expectant parents paraded the whole school. Everyone was impressed at high quality of the costumes, their inventive design, the colours and the sheer number of them. The parade went out to the local shopping area and back again. It was noisey and drew a lot of interest.

Back in the school playground each group had the chance to show off what they had learnt in front of an audience of parents sat on a grassy bank. It was a sunny and happy day.


Costumes: Ana Rutter and Liz Price
Music: Giles Perrin
Actions and Words: Graeme Rose
Video: Keir Williams
Photographs: James Yarker

Tour Dates

  • 6 June, 2006
    Holly Hill Primary School, Birmingham