Rowley Park Carnival

Partner School  

The students, staff and parents of Rowley Park Primary Academy staged a spectacular carnival parade for local residents. Inspired by the books they were been reading in class they designed and made imaginative, colourful costumes. They made shakers, practiced samba drumming and dancing and then set off to make a racket, make a spectacle and raise some smiles.

People waved, people gathered, people hooted horns. The sun shone and it was a great day and a great way to celebrate the high aspirations of a new school.


Costumes: Denise Stanton
Costume Advice: Ana Rutter
Music: Nick and Karen Ledbury
Photographs: Ming De Nasty
Produced by: James Yarker with Andrew Fox
Everything else by the great pupils, staff, parents and friends of Rowley Park Academy
Thanks to everyone who cheered us on.

Tour Dates

  • 24 October, 2014
    Rowely Park, Stafford