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Alex’s Adventures

This ‘choose your own adventure’ story was written by Year 5 at Victoria Park Primary Academy. It is a bit of an experiment. The pupils all started writing their own ‘cliffhanger’ adventures, then they each wrote different paragraphs of a space flight story and then they started writing scenes that began to connect up the different story elements.

The pupils also got stuck into the coding of this adventure, using HTML code to make it all work on the screen for you.

We have tried to tidy things up a bit whilst staying true to the pupils’ voices, intentions and incredible energy.

We hope you enjoy your journey through the story, just keep reading and clicking, if your story ends you can always start another safe in the knowledge it should be different from your previous version. There is also the option to gather everything you have read together, you can copy this and print it out as your own unique version of Alex’s Adventures.

Welcome to The Adventures of Alex


Made by Year 5 at Victoria Park Academy
Lead Artists: Kerry Murdock and James Yarker
Thanks all the staff for helping us with this project and Ms. Dhesi for commissioning it.

The Amazing Adventures of You

A small group of students from Year 6 a Billesley Primary school collaborated to write and code an online multiple choice adventure story. They started by taking a train ride up to The Jewellery Quarter exploring there and visiting Stan’s Cafe’s HQ for an initial ideas session. After this the group met every Friday afternoon to write and learn how to build the adventure using HTML code. The result was The Amazing Adventures of You This project was a refinement of an approach we pioneered with Victoria Park Academy creating The Adventures of Alex. It also marked the end of our time with this particular year group of students who we had worked with since they were in Year Two.


Made by students from Year 6
With Mr. Tyler, Craig Stephens and Kerry Murdock.