Of All The People In All The World: Billesley Primary School

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Billesley Primary School
April 2013

2013 saw the tenth anniversary of our internationally popular performance installation Of All The People In All The World. We had been invited to stage a large version of the show in the centre of Birmingham as part of the launch of a prestigious new office development 2 Snowhill. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to link this with our work with Billesley Primary. So we brought pupils from the school to see the show and helped them create their own small version in school.

We worked with Year 6 over a number of afternoons to introduce them to the concepts behind the show and to teach them themethods needed to stage it. They then worked to research some statistics based on their interests and school topics to include in their own show. We then staged the show in the school PE Hall for otheryear groups and parents to visit. The pupils also got an exciting trip into the city centre to see our somewhat larger version and place some otheir statistics into it.


Performed by: Year 6 Billesley Primary School
With Help From: Charlotte Goodwin, Craig Stephens and Jack Trow
Photos: Ming De Nasty