Billesley Radio

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Billesley Primary School
7 – 11 July 2014

Throughout our various projects with Billesley Primary during the 2013/14 academic year we aimed to develop the pupils’ speaking and listening skills whether this wasthrough commentating on a scalextric race, performing in front of hundreds of people at mac or writing and performing poetry. In each project we built in elements thatinvolved making audio recordings either integral to the work or as a means of consolidating learning.

For a week at the end of the summer term we ran a radio station which was broadcast over the school network during the day with the recordings made available on the school blog for parents and families to listen to at home. The recordings we had made during the year made up part of the schedule which proved to be a great way of reflecting on the year’s work.

The station also ran a number of specially created programmes during the week with contributions from across the year groups. We heard stories and poetry, sports reports,reviews of the year, a daily quiz and music from the harmonica and ukulele groups. The school hopes to make the radio station a more permanent fixture of school life in the future. You can listen to all the programmes broadcast during the week on the Billesley Blog


Led by: Peter Maxwell Dixon and Iain Smith