Treasure Island

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In the first year of our collaboration with Billesley Primary School we were invited to work with their two Year 2 classes. They were due to look at The Seaside as a theme. This led us to think about the story of Treasure Island.

The teachers were keen to do some work on literacy skills and we knew everyone would enjoy dressing up.

Together we read a short version of the original story and from this created a storyboard. We agreed on the different characters we would need and the costumes, we listed props and settings. Everyone helped draw, paint and gather props. We went outside to take photographs in the school grounds choosing locations that matched our needs. We also took photographs in front of a blue screen. Together we then we chose which photographs to use, what should go in the text boxes and speech bubbles. Eventually our Treasure Island book was published and everyone in the school got a copy.


Artists: Year 2 at Billesley Primary School and their teachers
Drection: Craig Stephens and James Yarker
Photography: Ming De Nasty
Costumes: Kay Wilton
Mastering for Print: Simon Ford