Sports Day

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Billesley Primary School
July 13th 2013

We began our first year working with Billesley Primary School with The Marble Run, in which wecreated a huge marble run which travelled around the whole building. We wanted to end our first year with a project that would similarly involve thewhole school and have a big impact. So we thought we would have a go at contributing to Sports Day. The school already had some fantastic races and challenges lined up so we didn’tfeel that we could add anything there. But it being such a huge sporting occasion we realised it was the perfect event for The Commentators.

Before the big day Ana Rutter worked with Year One to create designs for banners for each of the school’s house teams to carry into the arena. We dressed the sports ground with bunting, polished the cup and all the competitors had a dash of face paint to match the colour of their house team.The weather was kind and the day was full of personal achievement, teamwork and fun. The Commentators skills were stretched to theirlimit as they had never commentated on a bean bag relay or obstacle course before. They interviewed the athletes during the day tolearn about their training regimes and their progress through the events and chatted to proud parents.

The day ended with the presentation of The Billesely Perennial Cup to the winning house team and a banner procession back to school.


Athletes: Billesley Primary School
Commentators: Graeme Rose and Craig Stephens
Photos: Ming De Nasty