Living Toys

living toys

Tour Dates

  • 26 & 28 January, 2014
    CBSO Centre, Birmingham

Following the success of our ‘animation’ of Birmingham Contemporary Music Group‘s family concert Noise into Notes the following year we were invited to work on their next family concert Living Toys. The programme comprised.

“Game 1” and “Game 2” by Richard Baker and Brian Duffy.
Performed by BCMG and the Modified Toy Orchestra.
To Compose Without the Least Knowledge of Music by Colin Matthews.
Verdreht a new commission from Arne Gieshoff.
Living Toys by Thomas Adès.
Crank by Richard Baker.

The theme of the concert was toys and game playing. Our challengewas to help the audience enjoy the concert more than they would if it were just the music. Our solution was toplaster a meta-narrative over the concert, pretending the concert was being filmed by a semi-competent film crew and hosted by Ally Gretto andBarry Tone. This allowed us to introduce the pieces, engage with the audience, perform a mini-puppet show and show close-ups ofthe players.


Theatrical elements commissioned by: Birmingham Contemporary Music Group.

Conducted by: Christian Karlsen
Solo Piano: Nicholas Hodges
Music performed by BCMG: Katharine Lacy, Ana Hashimoto, Ryan Linham, Toby Street, Anthony Howe, Elizabeth May, Melinda Maxwell, Margaret Cookhorn, Mark Phillips, Julian Warburton, Malcolm Wilson, Alexandra Wilson, Gabriel Dyker, Malcolm Wilson, Alexandra Wood, Ulrich Heinen, Julian Atkinson
Modified Toy Orchestra performers: Laurence Hunt and Darren Joyce
BCMG Artistic Director Stephen Newbould
BCMG General Manager Jackie Newbould
BCMG Marketing Manager Tim Rushby
BCMG Learning Manager Nancy Evans

Devised and Performed by:Rochi Rampal, Graeme Rose, Craig Stephens and James Yarker
Video:George Fleming & Martin McNally from Reel Access

Photo Credits: Robert Day
Costumes: Kay Wilton
Lighting: Mick Diver
Stan’s Cafe General Manager Charlotte Martin