Noise Into Notes

Tour Dates

  • 28th – 29th April CBSO Centre, Birmingham
    Two performances each day.

Following our collaboration on I See With My Eyes Closed Birmingham Contemporary Music Group invited us to ‘animate’ their family concert Noise into Notes the programme comprised.

“(Mr. Evans), it’s starting to rain!” a new comission from Duncan Chapman.
Musicians Wrestle Everywhere by Judith Weir.
Crack Up a new commission from Shiori Usui.
Scherzo (with Trains) by Julian Anderson.
Oiseaux exotiques by Olivier Messiaen.

The theme of the concert was pieces which take sounds from ‘real life’ and translate them into an musical score. Our challengewas to help the audience enjoy the concert more than they would if it were just the music, which, as the music is pretty fantastic, was tough.

Theatrical elements commissioned by: Birmingham Contemporary Music Group.


Conducted by: Richard Baker
Solo Piano: Nicholas Hodges
Music performed by: Marie-Christine Zupancic, Marta Santamaria Llavall, Melinda Maxwell, Timothy Lines, Nicola Waite, Mark O’Brien, Jack McNeill, Margaret Cookhorn, Mark Philips, Martin Wright, Jonathan Holland, Edward Jones, Julian Warburton, Simon Limbrick, George Barton, Adrian Spillett, Malcolm Wilson, Ulrich Heinen, John Tattersdill

BCMG Artistic Director Stephen Newbould
BCMG General Manager Jackie Newbould
BCMG Marketing Manager Tim Rushby
BCMG Learning Manager Nancy Evans

Text and Direction: James Yarker
Devised and Performed by: Chris Dugrenier, Graeme Rose, Craig Stephens
Design: Harry Trow with Claire
Costumes: Kay Wilton
Lighting: Mick Diver
Stan’s Cafe General Manager Charlotte Martin

Sounds collected by young people from Springfield Primary School, Highters Heath Community School and Regents Park Community Primary School.

Photo Credits: Robert Day