Suzie Small Lifts A Car


On 9th July, 2009, on the Main Stage of Birmingham Rep., Suzie Small lifted a car.

Unusually we had gone to Bright Space, the agents for Creative Parnerships in Birmingham with an ambition of our own. There was a performance about physics we wanted to make. Specifically about mechanical advantage. The show would be performed to music without words and demonstrate, in a cool, engaging, slightly humourous way how leavers and pullies work to allow us to apply great force to objects. Our vision was that on the vast space of Birmigham Rep.’s big stage a very small girl would lift a car off the ground all by her self.

In the end Bright Space commissioned the piece, Birmingham Rep provided the space, Mark Anderson devised the peice with us and Mr.Kent from Castle Vale Performing Arts College did a fantastic job recruiting and rehearsing a crack team of science students from across the school.

Alongside Boiling a Kettle using Pedal Power, this the second in an extremely occasional of performances staging experiements/demonstrations in physics.


Devised and performed by science students from Castle Vale Performing Arts College
Lead Artists: Mark Anderson & James Yarker
Lead Teacher: Mr. Kent
Thanks To: Pete Weir, Lesley Green and Rob Elkington
Commissioned by Bright Space, for Creative Partnerships
Steve Ball and Birmingham Repertory Theatre

Tour Dates

  • 9 July, 2009
    The REP, Birmingham