Sami Small Pulls A Bus

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Tour Dates

  • 13:30 – 15:00 4 July 2024
    Stronger Together Festival
    Queensbridge Playing Fields
    Kings Heath


On 4th July, 2024, a group of Year 7 students from Wheelers Lane Technology college will pull a double decker bus across a school field.

This long awaited sequal to 2009’s epoc defining Suzie Small Lifts A Car is commissioned as part of the ‘Stronger Together Festival’, for which a number of secondary schools in the Kings Heath area of Birmingham are each team up with a different arts organisation to create a performance in response to the festival’s title.

Sami Small Pulls A Bus doesn’t mess around with any fancy interpreation of the title. Where Suzie Small was able to lift a car using the mechanical advantage conferred upon her by a chain hoist, Sami Small will discover he is unable to pull a double decker bus on his own. He will require help the help of other students. How many students? That is a good question.

This is a S.T.E.A.M. project. Which means students are bringing together knowledge and appllying skills learnt in Science, Technology (not so much), Engineering, Arts and Maths to solve this and all the other problems encountered turning this very simple idea into a playful, entertaining and slow rolling spectacle.

Composer – Dani Blanco Albert
Direction – James Yarker
Everything else – Year 7 Wheelers Lane Academy

With Many Thanks To:
National Express (for the bus)
All the teachers at Wheelers Lane Academy (for their help)
Queensbridge School (for initiating and hosting the festival)
Birmingham Arts School (for commissioning the performance managing the festival)