Of All The People In All The World: Plague Nation

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Castle Vale School, Birmingham, 2004
Speedwell Technology College, Bristol, 2004
The Holte School, Birmingham, 2004
Trinity School, Nottingham, 2004
Frankley Community High School, Birmingham, 2005

A commission from The Wellcome Trust’s Pulse Programme led to a re-titled version of Of All The People In All The World being made initially with four schools through 2004. Focused principally on epidemiology and the effects of vaccination, the show also provided a context in which a range of other curriculum subjects could be explored in physical terms.

Engagement with the schools varied from us teaching in Biology lessons in Birmingham, to engaging students who had been taken out of normal lessons in Bristol. These versions taught us the value of personal statistics being included, typed up and printed out in collaboration with the audience, they also inspired the Rice Pit which was introduced in Stuttgart. This project was supported by the PlagueNation resources website

This version of the project has been written about in a number of studies of Theatre-In-Education-Practice.

Highlight of the year was the cleaners at Speedwell looking at the pile of all the men in Bristol and teasing each other, saying there must be a good one somewhere in there for them.


Performers at Castle Vale School: Craig Stephens, James Yarker with Students
Performers at Speedwell Technology College: Craig Stephens, James Yarker with Students
Performers at The Holte School: Craig Stephen, Benny Semp with Students
Performers at Trinity School: Craig Stephens, James Yarker with Students
Performers at Frankley Community High School: Graeme Rose, Ana Rutter with Students
Concept: James Yarker
Photographs: Ed Dimsdale
General Manager:Charlotte Martin
Advisory Producer: Nick Sweeting
Funded by: Wellcome Trust Pulse Initiative
Except Frankely C.H.S. Funded by: Creative Partnerships
School relationships brokered by: Rob Elkington, Hugh James & Matt Little of Creative Partnerships
Thanks to: all the teachers involved, particularly Bernadette Gemmil at Castle Vale School.