Of All The People In All The World: Alpbach

European Forum Alpbach
17 – 30 July 2019

We were very excited to be invited to present Of All The People In All The World as part of the arts and culture programme of the European Forum Alpbach 2019.The forum is a three week long conference where politicians, academics, business people, technologists, health professionals and artists come together to share ideas, research and to discuss the pressing socio-political issues of the day. It provided us with a perfect source of statistical inspiration as we responded to the different themes being discussed over the course of the conference.

The first forum took place in 1945 at the end of the Second World War. It was created as “…as an intellectual platform of discussion where Europe’s cultural, scientific and humanitarian heritage could be developed in a future-oriented way and where European integration could be promoted.” It has now grown so that 4000 people take part each year, transforming a small idyllic Austrian ski resort into a crucible of debate and conversation.

Our venue was once the village shop and gave us beuatiful views out of the window to the mountains of the Tyrol. Being resident for the duration of the Forum meant that we were able to attend a number of the sessions and enjoy the accompanying artistic programme. A fast moving news agenda also gave us plenty of material including the resignation of the Italian Prime Minister to the UK government’s proroguing of parliament. As part of our visit James and Chris also led a 5 afternoon practical workshop which explored the possible role of art as a tool for political engagement.


Performers: Chris. Dugrenier, Jake Oldershaw, Craig Stephens and James Yarker
with Katharina Larch, Christina Margreiter, Eva Louise Ostermaier, Martin Sarret and Robin Stephens
Concept: James Yarker
Photographs: Stan’s Cafe
Soundscape: Jon Ward
Executive Producer: Roisin Caffrey
Administrator: Laura Killeen