Of All The People In All The World: Australia & UK

9-11 March 2007

Adelaide 2007

From -20c to +45c! After the winter extremes in Massachusetts we were thrust into late antipodean summer for just 5 days. What might seem like a decadent use of aviation fuel was tempered by the fact that our hosts had offset all our carbon footprints for the gig (as well as everyone elses on the bill).

Our tented exhibition space in the heart of Womadelaide Festival drew 5,500 people in 2.5 days. To date this is the only gig we can think of where an audience member has deliberately made their way onto and through a population! Little Grace (4 years old) had no idea of the damage she caused to the millionaires in the world as she tiptoed gleefully across the 9 million capitalists – or maybe she did…?

As temperatures inside the tent must have topped 50c and we got things back in order, the local termite population took the opportunity to make off with a few of ‘the people who applied for asylum to australia in 2006’. Seems even ants can get worried about over-population.

Jake Oldershaw

Photo: Heather Burton


Performers: Heather Burton, Jake Oldershaw, Karen Stafford, Jack Trow.
Concept: James Yarker
General Manager: Emily Dawkes
Advisory Producer: Nick Sweeting

It was funny and sad at the same time loved it very interesting!


For all exhibitions seen in my 55 year lifetime this one has moved me the most: utterly amazing, brilliant, even haunting at times.


Breathtaking in its impact – thanks


A supuerb way of displaying and interpreting stark statistics we must pay attention to – thanks

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Rice makes it make more sense

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Great work, very sad about children dying not vaccinated! We should be ashamed

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Tears laughter idea wow

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Now I feel significant and responsible

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Thank you! Thought provoking! What makes your work SO powerful is the fact that it is so subtle – you leave much to the individual to conclude. Very clever…

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That was awsome, everyone should see it.

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