Of All The People In All The World: Two Snowhill

Two Snow Hill, Birmingham
12th – 21st April, 2013

Birmingham 2013

When Dawn at Headline Communications approached us saying that her clients Hines and Ballymore were interested in commissioning a large version of the show to mark the opening of a very large shiny new office block they were building in central Birmingham our ears pricked up. It had been nearly five years since the show was last in its home city and ten years since its first performance. Our experience from Newcastle was that newly completed offices are beautiful settings for the show and at Two Snowhill we would be on the sixth floor with ceiling to floor windows and spectacular views over North Birmingham. “Are we interested? Yes, very”.

Each new version of the show needs structure and here we drew inspiration from the view, the real world beyond the class. Hence a view of the BT Tower inspires statistics about mobile phone use, Snow Hill Station leads to statistics about travel and commuting, the Jewellery Quarter provokes us to think of industry, the Salvation Army buildings cause us to reflect on homelessness and St. Chads obviously introduces the new Pope and religion.

The show caused a lot of positive comments from the developers and their guests at the private view. Pieces in the local press, radio, TV and on-line coverage resulted in audiences queuing at the doors to get in on the first two days.

Photos: Mostly Greame Braidwood


Performers: Chris Dugrenier, Lucy Nicholls, Gareth Nicholls, Jake Oldershaw, Rochi Rampal, Graeme Rose
Craig Stephens, Jack Trow, James Yarker
Get in help: Harry Trow

Concept: James Yarker
General Manager: Charlotte Martin
Advisory Producer: Nick Sweeting
Publicity: Dave Freak
Design: Simon Ford
Commissioned by: Richard Probert for Ballymore Group and Anthony Leonard for Hines
Via: Dawn Roberts for Headline Communications
Venue Management: Neil Collett for Savills