Of All The People In All The World: UK

mac, Birmingham

Open 11:00 – 17:00
Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 October, 2022
Wednesday 26 – Sunday 30 October, 2022
Wednesday 2 – Sunday 6 November, 2022

This performance installation creates a map of the human world by placing population satistics side by side.

One grain = One person

The landscape of rice evolves through the performance as we research new statistics, as world events change and as visitors give us ideas.

This version of the show includes statistics from the MAC archive, that help tell the story of the charity’s 60th Anniversary.

The first version of Of All The People In All The World was created in 2003, since when it has been presented around the world, adapting to each new context, working local performers and donating rice to foodbanks and farmers wherever we go.

We are Stan’s Cafe, a theatre company based in Birmingham. We specialise in making orignal performances, mostly not involving rice, sometimes happening in theatres. We first performed at MAC in 1992 the year after we formed and have returned regularly ever since. Between 1997 & 2000 we had a small office upstairs in a room that was once a ‘washroom’.

You can find out a lot more about Stan’s Cafe, what we do, including our schools work and other versions of Of All The People In All The World on this website.


Performed by:
Aaron Corbett
Amy Ann Haigh
Nafeesa Hamid
Rupinder Kaur
Muhibb Nazir
Craig Stephens
Dominic Thompson
Jack Trow
James Yarker
Lucy Bird
Michelle Smith
Nick Sweeting
Original Concept:
James Yarker
With Thanks To:
Everyone at MAC
Rice kindly supplied and sponsored by: