Of All The People In All The World: UK

mac, Birmingham

Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 October, 2022
Wednesday 26 – Sunday 30 October, 2022
Wednesday 2 – Sunday 6 November, 2022

It was lovely to bring Of All The People In All The World to mac for the first time and to be part of the building’s 60th anniversary.

Stan’s Cafe has a long relationship with mac. We have rehearsed and presented many shows there over the years and in the mid 1990s had an office in what we think was once a toilet.

We were lucky to be given access to the mac archive in preparation for this version of the show and so were able to include a number of statistics that referenced the early life of the organisation and building and the people integral to its success. It was fascinating to look through press cuttings and learn about the hard work and perseverence that went in to getting the project off the ground and how it developed over the years. We learnt about the working parties of international students who spent summers building the outdoor arena, about some famous faces who performed or worked at mac in the early years from Tony Robinson to Black Sabbath to Yoko Ono and about the range of work the building still hosts and champions and the many, many people that use its facilities.

With 2 tonnes of rice we were able to populate the beautiful gallery space with a wide range of statistics on a range of subjects including refugees, prisoners, local history, contemporary politics, culture and sport. The long run also gave us the opportunity to introduce some new performers to the show who brought with them new thoughts and ideas, input which always helps to keep the show fresh, dynamic and relevant.


Performed by:
Aaron Corbett
Amy Ann Haigh
Nafeesa Hamid
Rupinder Kaur
Muhibb Nazir
Craig Stephens
Dominic Thompson
Jack Trow
James Yarker

Lucy Bird
Michelle Smith
Nick Sweeting
Original Concept:
James Yarker

With Thanks To:
Everyone at MAC

Rice kindly supplied and sponsored by: