Of All The People In All The World: California

Idyllwild Arts Academy, USA

A group of people looking at various piles of rice in a gallery as part of Of All The People In All The World

Parks Exhibition Center, IAA
6 – 14 February, 2024

This version of the show was a collaboration with the internationally acclaimed private arts high school, the Idyllwild Arts Academy in California. Students from various disciplines across the school worked together to bring the show to life in the school’s own art gallery. Students studying statistics carried out research which included data about the school, about the local area and themes they were interested in. During the week those students weighed out their statistics and continued to develop ideas. Other students from around the school visited during the week as part of their studies. Combined Arts Students donned brown coats to perform in the show for an opening event for the public and wider school community.


Created by: Students at Idyllwild Arts Academy (with input from Craig Stephens and James Yarker)
Photography: Cierra Breeze Photography
Thanks to: Abbie Bosworth for the idea, Rachel Gartside for the introduction and everyone at IAA for helping.