Of All The People In All The World: UK

Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts
25 – 27 November 2019


It was great to be back in this venue. We performed here in the early 2000s, when it was called The Gardner Centre, with Be Proud Of Me and It’s Your Film. The centre subsequently closed down (which we don’t think had anything to do with us) and then underwent a multi-million pound refurbishment before re-opening as the Attenborough Centre in 2016. Under the directorship of Laura McDermott (once of Fierce Festival), it now has a thriving and exciting programme once more.

2019 marked the 50th anniversary of the Basil Spence designed building. To mark this our show included a number of statistics related to the year 1969, such as the number of people born in that year in the UK (which scarily includes a couple of us). It was interesting to look back on that year’s events which included Vietnam war peace marches, student protests and the beginning of ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland.The show looked beautiful under the theatre lights and with the seating bank retracted we were able to utilise both the auditorium floor and the stage and so make the show very expansive.


Performers: Amy Ann Haigh, Craig Stephens and Jack Trow
Concept: James Yarker
Photographs: Stan’s Cafe
Soundscape: Jon Ward
Executive Producer: Roisin Caffrey
General Manager: Charlie Pette