Of All The People In All The World: U.S.A.

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T.B.A. Festival
Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland Oregan
7 – 17 September, 2006


Pacific Northwest College of Art was a great setting for the US premiere. The large gallery space with its polished concrete floor, full of character and flooded by natural light was also a concourse through which staff and students had to travel many times each day. Their interest and enthusiasm made us feel very welcome and a webcam set up by the college gave friends and family back home a chance to stay connected.

Presented as part of PICA’s Time Based Arts (TBA) festival, the show connected the performance and the visual strands of the programme. The presentation was backed up by a lecture, workshop and panel discussion, all, like the show, well attended.

Performing in the US for the first time was an informative experience, statistics such as Everyone Who Has Walked On The Moon, which in other shows we use as global statistics suddenly became local. It became a challenge to continue connecting the show to a world beyond the US boarders. Responses were positive and uninhibited. The Pearl District of Portland was a lovely place to work and, as ever, it was a pleasure to be able to see other shows from different cultures at an international festival.


Performers: Heather Burton, Charlotte Goodwin, Amanda Hadingue, Karen Stafford, Craig Stephens
With Fawn Williams & Ryan W Paulsen
Initial Direction: James Yarker
Concept: James Yarker
General Manager: Charlotte Martin
Advisory Producer: Nick Sweeting

I asked for your help in sending thoughts out to my fondest friend Laura. Yopu put a grain of rice out for her, and every day people recognised it and wondered who Laura was and what her significance was. It worked! Laura needed a liver transplant and she just had a successful surgery last weekend. Thank you, I have much love and respect for your project and its intentions.


Could anything be more terrifying and real?

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I sincerely appreciate any visuals that give MEANING to numbers. Statistics are everywhere, but for many a number with 6 zeros after it is basically the same as one with 9 zeros.

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