Of All The People In All The World: Zurich

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University of Zurich 175th Anniversary
Schiffbau Schauspielhaus, Zurich
29 February 2008

Of All The People In All The World: Switerland and the UK

A one night stand for the show here at a party to celebrate the 175th anniversary of The University of Zurich. The event had taken over all of a theatre complex built in an old shipbuilding factory. The ship theme continued throughout with ushers dressed up as sailors and entrances dressed up as cabin doors. We had been placed in a great part of the building – the theatre paint shop – surrounded by shelves and shelves of paint pots and an impressive collection of immaculately kept brushes of all shapes and sizes. A big part of our job in Of All The People is to sweep up lost rice, so we all appreciate a good brush.

A great feature for this show was the use of 10 lightbox display cases in the main entrance which enabled us to give a real flavour of the scope of the show to all the delegates as they entered. Statistics in these included Swiss annual births and deaths, the number of students in various faculties of the university through its history, people working in the chocolate industry over time in Switzerland and current affairs including the Kenya post election troubles. In the room we continued with Swiss and education related themes, included the occasional academic joke and on a paint spattered trolley had a single grain of rice to represent Jackson Pollock.


Performers: Chris Dugrenier, Jake Oldershaw, Karen Stafford, Craig Stephens.
Images: Karen Stafford
Concept: James Yarker
General Manager: Charlotte Martin
Advisory Producer: Nick Sweeting

“Great – worth coming to that party!”

Audience Member