Of All The People In All The World: Latvia

Homo Novis festival
8 – 11 November 2016

Artists’ Union of Latvia Gallery, 11 Novembra Street, Riga


One of our favourite statistics, which we have used in most presentations of this show over the last 13 years, is that of the 2 million people holding hands across the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian regions of the Soviet Union pleading for independence. It was a privilege to bring this statistic home and to find so many people working on the show and visiting it who were part of that event.

This presentation was booked by the Homo Novus festival who placed it in a great artists gallery down by the riverside in adjacent to Riga’s old town. The room had a great view and a beautiful parquet floor.

As ever it was great to see other shows in the festival which on this occasion had a strong performing arts edge. It was good to learn about theatre scene in Latvia, what it’s like to make art in a small country. The close presence of Russian and the history of Soviet occupation were also provocative issues for the show to address.

Highlights: A very hospital festival and great helpers in a beautiful city. Being at the site of one of our favourite statistics.

Lowlights: We would have loved more time to explore.


Performed by: Sarah Archdeacon, Gerard Bell, Amy Ann Haigh, Jack Trow
With: Kristine Linina and Marta Lortikipanadze
Translations and Production Manager for Homo Novus: Liene Jurgelane
Commissioned by: Gundega Laivina for Homo Novus
Concept and get in help: James Yarker
Soundscape: Jon Ward
Research Craig Stephens
Executive Producer: Roisin Caffrey
Administrator: Jessie Coller