Of All The People In All The World: UK

Warwick Arts Centre

4 – 9 October, 2022

This was a return to where it all started for Of All The People In All The World. The foyer of Warwick Arts Centre was the first place we presented the show in May 2003 and where from audience reactions we realised we had a show which immediately engaged people. Since that first performance the piece has toured extensively all over the world and we have been fortunate to work in some amazing places with amazing people.

For this visit we were part of a week of events celebrating the reopening of the Arts Centre after extensive rebuilding. We were back in the foyer but it was a very different looking space – expanded and remodelled. We had a relatively small area in which to present the show but the positive of that was that we had to be inventive and creative about our choice of statistics and their placement. We kept the show moving taking up and replacing statistics over the week, sneaking them into tucked away spaces.

It was a great week with many thousands of visitors passing through the centre and seeing the show. It did, however, make some of us feel quite old as we talked to first year students in their first week of university. We realised that many of them were not even born when, Of All The People was born here nearly 20 years ago.


Performed by:
Amy Ann Haigh
Graeme Rose
Craig Stephens
Elexi Walker
Lucy Bird
Michelle Smith
Nick Sweeting
Original Concept:
James Yarker
With Thanks To:
Everyone at Warwick Arts Centre
Rice kindly supplied and sponsored by: